As part of Swedish medieval festival Medeltidsveckan in early August 2020, publisher Historieporten offers two digital lectures in English on medieval women. Learn about women and business in the Middle Ages, or women in military roles — buy a ticket at

…and get a Zoom link before the lecture starts! Tickets are 125 SEK (roughly 11 GBP or 14 USD).

Medieval Businesswomen?

August 3 2020, 6.00-6.45 PM local time (4.00-4.45 PM UTC)
The economics of the Middle Ages differed greatly from those of today. Women were not expected to control money, but rather to leave economic decisions to their fathers or husbands. Could we still find medieval women who were what we today would call businesswomen? Actually, we could. Join author and lecturer Stefan Högberg as he dives into the subject of women and business in the Middle Ages.

Medieval Female Warriors

August 3 2020, 6.00-6.45 PM local time (4.00-4.45 PM UTC)
The culture of medieval Europe saw warfare as inherently masculine. In spite of that, the learned wrote treatises on female soldiers. Kings made laws regulating women in arms, and the sources speak of Ethelfled, Sikelgaita and the mysterious female warrior dressed in a green cloak outside the city of Acre. Who were they? Author and lecturer Stefan Högberg takes a closer look at women in military roles during the Middle Ages.

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The fine print: the lectures are produced by Historieporten, and the tickets sold by Kapitelhusgården. On August 2-9, Kapitelhusgården hosts digital lectures and courses in association with Medeltidsveckan, Sweden’s premier medieval festival.